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SSTORM is India’s only e-commerce platform built truly for you, the Indian people. Discover and buy innovative products from every corner of the globe at their true prices – no strings attached! Customs duties, international shipping, taxes and other charges are all paid by SSTORM. We take care of the entire process, right to your doorstep– no paperwork or KYC documents needed. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our revolutionary online shopping experience!

  • Customs duties, fees and taxes are all paid by SSTORM. We help you save up to 70%!
  • Absolutely, 100% free international and domestic shipping for all orders
  • Our delivery times are up to 44% faster than traditional methods
  • It's always exciting with SSTORM. We add new products every month!
  • Join SSTORM’s exclusive club and gain access to brands that have never before hit the Indian market
  • Seamless international shopping. Your responsibility ends when you click "Buy"
  • Save yourself the time and effort as we handle all the import paperwork and documents.
  • A Referral Program that allows you to save even more of that hard earned money
  • Trained in the ancient and long lost art of Customer Satisfaction, SSTORM’s Customer Service Jedi’s are the most helpful beings on Earth.

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Our Story

Why is India always late to the party when it comes to access to new technology and trends? We don’t know about you, but we were tired of sitting back and watching the rest of the world shower themselves in innovative products while we were forced to pay more than 70% in additional charges like shipping, customs duties, and taxes for the same goods (and that’s if they could even be shipped to India)! As the world keeps evolving and innovating, our desires for these products keep increasing. We couldn’t help but notice that our friends and family had similar feelings – asking their friends and family to bring back products from their trips abroad, and vice versa.

Well, there will be no more sitting back, watching, or waiting – no more envy. The clouds have finally rolled in and it’s now time for a revolution – it’s time to take India by SSTORM! Starting as a simple idea, by a few people willing to put their heads together for a redefined, better future for India, it has grown into a tangible reality. Not only will you have access to the hottest new innovations and trends from every corner of the globe, you but will also be SSTORM-ing into a new lifestyle – one of sophistication, luxury, innovation and accessibility.

We’re here to make sure that there’s nothing stopping you from living the SSTORM life - no unaccepted payment methods, or outrageous charges, or KYC documents, or customs phone calls. Get used to a reimagined international shipping experience, because the SSTORM is here and here to stay!

Join our exclusive platform to open the floodgates, and let the SSTORM change your lifestyle.

The TeamDedicated to bringing the world's most innovative, unique products to India at the prices they are meant to be sold, SSTORM comprises of 4 absolute go-getters. Each of them have had success in many aspects of their careers, and together, this team is experienced, knowledgable, and creative. Interested in learning more about them? Drop them a line on their social media!

Armaan Gandhi

Founder & CEO

Arzan Irani


Anup Gandhi


Ryan LaValle


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