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Digital Grande Watches
Digital Grande Watches
Digital Grande Watches
Digital Grande Watches
Digital Grande Watches

Digital Grande

Classic, Elegant Digital Watch

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Digital Grande was conceived as a digital watch in an analog body, as its case is identical to that of it's predecessor, the Extra Normal Grande.

Digital Grande's design is very simple, but two unique features - exclusively developed by Normal - make it distinctive among digital watches.

  • First is the custom display that combines a high contrast LCD screen with an innovative construction technique that eliminates all glare. This enables the digits to pop out on its uniform black face.
  • Second, the pusher switch has an original duel function: Press half-way to activate the backlight, and press all of the way to access the time, seconds, and date modes. 

Note: Please be aware that this watch has no 12 hour a.m./p.m. mode. It only displays in 24 hour military time.

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