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S-Enso Clock Clocks
S-Enso Clock Clocks
S-Enso Clock Clocks
S-Enso Clock Clocks
S-Enso Clock Clocks
S-Enso Clock Clocks

S-Enso Clock

Incredible, Innovative Clocks

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Enso in Japanese means circle, and is among the most common subjects of Japanese calligraphy. Often, the graphic sign comes with an explanatory sentence. Many calligraphers draw an Enso every day as a sort of journal where they note down feelings, desires or thoughts. Our lives are often busy and paced by a time that seems to be slipping through our fingers. With S-Enso, you can freeze time and to contain it in an empty space. Through S-Enso, we can control our time, stop and give a new sense to every day.

Product Details

  • Materials Laser Cut, Bent, Powder Coated Metal Sheet
  • Measurements 50cm L x 2 cm W x 50cm H
  • Origin: Italy
  • Laser Cut Sheet Metal
  • Hand Screen Printed
  • Clockwork by German Designer Junghans

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