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Vector Watch Meridian Watches
Vector Watch Meridian Watches
Vector Watch Meridian Watches
Vector Watch Meridian Watches
Vector Watch Meridian Watches
Vector Watch Meridian Watches

Vector Watch Meridian

Luxury Smartwatch With 30-Day Battery Life

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SMART BY DESIGN: With our combination of iconic design and essential technology, Vector watches are crafted to deliver products of the highest quality with durability, comfort and style. Our smart technology enables you to customise your personal notifications: receiving the right information and updates at the right time, anytime, anywhere. With an always on screen and a 30-day battery life, your watch keeps you connected with your business, family and friends and lets you focus on what truly matters.

PERSONAL: An intelligent companion to the smartphone, Vector Watches deliver personal and customised notifications, that are only visible to you. To enhance your privacy, messages are only displayed when you turn the watch to face you. Discrete vibrations notify you of incoming calls, messages, emails and any app alerts, which can then be dismissed with an effortless flick of the wrist.

COMPATIBLE: Using the simple and intuitive Vector Watch app with bluetooth low energy technology, your smartphone connects seamlessly to our bespoke operating system, bringing you relevant and personal information with the comfort and stability of a full 30 days without a recharge. Our smartwatch is designed to work with most of 3 major operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows. The Vector Smartphone App is future-proofed and ever-evolving, led by our team of designers and developers, providing you with an ever expanding choice of watch faces, apps and "streams", all hosted in the cloud.

APPLICATIONS: Craft your own Vector Watch experience, add, delete, reorder watch faces, apps and 'streams' through our mobile app. At a glance, keep up to date with what's most important to you, email, SMS, social, lifestyle, weather, time zones, news and your daily activity. All your current app notifications are compatible with the Vector Watch, filter what is most important to you and see it delivered straight to your wrist. Get the latest apps from Vector Watch and other brands from our Vector Watch Store.


- Multiple Watch Faces
- Notifications
- Streams
- Apps like Uber
- Google Fit & Apple Health Kit
- Much more!

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